Wysips – what you see is photovoltaic surface

Using a free and inexhaustible energy supply, WYSIPS Technology can be built into many different products and provide them with many benefits.

Depending on the application, WYSIPS is a flexible or rigid film with a thickness varying from 0.1 to 0.5 mm. The lenses can attain pixel size in screen-related applications. The WYSIPS Team is working on a wide spectrum of substrates: textiles, composites, glass, etc.

With an efficiency of 10% (i.e. 100 W/m2), WYSIPS Technology opens a gateway to countless applications!

“A transparent, flexible solar surface thatís unique on the market with endless applications.”

WYSIPS makes materials and objects energy self-sufficient:

WYSIPS technology constantly recharges electronic equipment, even indoors, and also increases your operating range and mobility. We have chosen to focus our first development efforts on applications like mobile phones, LCD screens, digital tablets, technical textiles, outdoor displays, etc.

Wysips gives objects new talents

The photovoltaic cells built into these products provide new features allowing manufacturers to access new markets or broadcast ever more competitive arguments. Keeping ahead of the competition can involve adding options or features to a product. Because it integrates seamlessly into the existing product designs in your catalogues, WYSIPS brings a new potential for modernising: camping tents with built in light sources, garden furniture with electric sockets, self-lit sunshades, etc.

WYSIPS fits into the very large surfaces areas present in our environment to provide electric power sources that match the size of these surfaces.

WYSIPS Technology enables you to build solar panels into our environment without affecting the landscape or integrate photovoltaic cells into existing advertising surfaces: noise-barriers, advertising panels, signage, etc.