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Energy generation is one of the industries that most affects our environment. Energy derived from fossil fuels contributes to increased pollution. The sources from which it is extracted are non-renewable and their resources are rapidly diminishing.

Aren’t more trees enough?

The CO2 emission factor for 2014 was 825.412 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) per MWh for end-use energy. If we look at the CO2 absorption rates of trees we can see that an oak tree is able to absorb 833 kg of CO2 in 100 years of its life, and a pine tree can only absorb 530 kg in the same life cycle. In 2014, 316.8 million tons of CO2 were emitted in Poland. About 7.8 tons per capita.

Why photovoltaic panels are a good solution?

Modern renewable energy solutions are one of the main ideas to slow down global warming. Using innovative technologies, we contribute to a significant improvement of the environment and try to show an effective alternative to the “dirty” ways of obtaining energy commonly used today.

At Caldoris we believe that by investing in renewable energy sources we not only help to protect the environment, but in this way we also contribute to the development of civilization and increase of resource efficiency.


How does a photovoltaic installation work?

To obtain electricity from sunlight, a professional photovoltaic installation is necessary. What is it and how it works? These are modules made up of cells connected in series in a frame. These cells are actually small squares, in which the photovoltaic effect occurs during the day. This inevitably leads us to quantum physics – read how photovoltaics work and get the details on this about what a photovoltaic system is. Finally, we’ll just add that first, a PV installation generates direct current, which is converted into useful alternating current with the help of an inverter. It is this type of electricity that most appliances and the power grid use.

Profitability of photovoltaics

You already know what is photovoltaics and what is the operation of such an installation. Time for the nail on the head, namely the profitability of it all. Certainly you are not convinced by the simple statement that you can thus escape from high electricity bills. The actual profitability of the investment depends on several factors:

  • the quality of the inverter, which is responsible for generating the alternating current – cheap devices tend to shut down suddenly, causing an outage in the electricity supply,
    installation costs of photovoltaic panels – here we are dealing with a paradox, because it is better to pay a little more but have a guarantee that the system will be reliable (it’s like buying high quality shoes that do not have to be thrown away after one season),
    real consumption of electricity – by analyzing the current electricity bills, you can choose the optimal size of photovoltaic installation,
  • the amount of funding under the government program My Current.

The investment can also be profitable when you decide to resell the electricity from photovoltaics. Then you need an on-grid installation, which means that the system will be connected to an external power grid. What is it and why you should consider this solution? Photovoltaic panels operate throughout the year, while our energy needs do not remain at the same level. The surplus electricity produced by the photovoltaic can then be transferred to the external grid (it can be collected at a later time). Currently, however, individuals are not allowed to sell energy.

Especially profitable are photovoltaic installations for companies, which not only save on their own power production, but also support a socially responsible brand image. With photovoltaics and what it is, you can increase the value of your business and attract new contractors.

Installing solar panels

Proper operation of photovoltaics depends not only on the quality of the modules, but also the installation. Most often it is installed on the roof of the house or office (sloping or flat), because it provides a stable foundation and adequate access to sunlight. In the case of a flat roof, it is necessary to use a support structure that provides the optimal angle of inclination of the panels (for more on this topic, see the article: where to mount photovoltaic panels). Photovoltaic installation should face south to maximize the use of sunlight. A professional company will also choose the right mounting system. For the installation of panels you need a building title, while for a photovoltaic installation up to 40 kWh no building permit is required.

Photovoltaic installation costs – The price of a photovoltaic installation depends primarily on its size, performance and quality of individual components. Not without significance is also the substrate on which panels are mounted. It is therefore difficult to clearly indicate the amount of costs – each case must be considered individually.


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