Wysips – what you see is photovoltaic surface

WYSIPS brings new features to street furniture.. without changing the way it looks.

Photovoltaic cells built into these products give them new abilities: tents with their own lighting systems, garden tables with power sockets, self-lit sunshades, etc… For manufacturers, adding options or features to a product is a guarantee of competitiveness. By fitting into product design seamlessly, WYSIPS technology provides an enormous potential for modernising. Take the time to observe your environment and imagine all the street furniture in your town or city producing energy. The ambient visual pollution new becomes an ecological visual environment. Visual communication provides new services.
Designers can unleash their creativity and create brand new products!

“A transparent, flexible solar surface that’s unique on the market with endless applications.”

Wysips lets you build large electricity-producing surfaces into our every-day environment.

WYSIPS Technology lets us build solar panels into our surroundings without impacting the landscape and puts photovoltaic cells into existing advertising spaces: noise barriers can now become power plants, and billboards and signs can operate off the grid…

Visual communication provides new services.

Applied to advertising surfaces, WYSIPS brings a new functionality to images: energy production. This energy can be used to make media self-sufficient, but also to produce additional power for new features: lighting, video surveillance, WIFI terminals, etc…
Thanks to WYSIPS Technology, an image becomes a source of energy. Imagine a world where all the surface area dedicated to advertising has the ability to produce the energy we need… intelligent images providing electricity to power urban applications.

Building WYSIPS Technology into transportation.

By using available surface area in transport facilities, WYSIPS Technology provides a new source of energy to offer new savings on fossil fuels.