Wysips – what you see is photovoltaic surface


The consortium aims to develop the first self-powered 4G tablet, incorporating a transparent photovoltaic film from WYSIPS into the tablet screen to reload the device.

The “SMART 4G Tablet” project aims developing a tablet suitable for the fourth generation networks (4G or LTE) ; this project is carried out by a consortium leaded Gemalto, world leader in digital security, with Archos, expert in touch pads and other smart devices, Eurecom, a Telecom research institute based in Sophia-Antipolis and WYSIPS, a French company, creator of the first transparent photovoltaic film in the world (awarded at CTIA Wireless in March 2011) ; it was selected on Monday August 1st 2011, by the French Government during its 12th call for proposals for Research and Development [ ‘Pôles de compétitivité” initiative] The collaborative “Smart 4G Tablet” project objective is to suppress the “last wire” that connects the equipment to the electric grid. These tablets will approach the goal of power supply autonomy by using a transparent photovoltaic film integrated into the screen of the tablet and associated with advanced economic and energy management solutions. This mobile equipment will ensure a communication rate and consumer experience equivalent to wired solution web connections through wireless 4G/LTE technology, and a very high level of security, leveraging Gemalto Trusted Logic expertise,for content protection aspects including the user interfaces and the management of energy consumption. The tablet, multifunctional mobile terminal for both consumer and professional markets, is the vector of choice for such endeavor. In addition, this tablet provides, through a combination of wireless communication solutions (NFC) and the new generation SIM, the UICC, particularly adapted to applications related to payments, or easier customization of the services offered by the Mobile Network Operators. “

This project estimated to € 7 million will be partly financed by the French State and its territorial communities. A formal agreement will now be signed between the protagonists and the phase of research and development will begin in October 2011 for a period of two years.

WYSIPS and Prismaflex International combine their skills to create the first autonomous advertising display

Prismaflex International, Europe’s leading manufacturer of outdoor advertising displays and street furniture, has teamed up with Wysips to create the first advertising display that is entirely energy selfsufficient. The partnership will bring a new image to outdoor displays,modernising them and making them more respectful of the environment. The film is entirely transparent and can be applied to the glazed part of scrolling signs (from 2 to 20 m² in size) without impeding the visibility of the advertising material in any way. Prismaflex International is one of the few suppliers on the market that is both a digital printing company and an industrial manufacturer of signs that is equipped with an R&D department. In 120 countries the company’s 300 employees are divided into 8 subsidiaries, all but one of which are equipped with digital printing machines. The Prismaflex group designs, manufactures and markets the most comprehensive range of products for outdoor communication. The group’s most recent challenges have seen it direct its efforts towards manufacturing more energy efficient signs and glue free ecological displays. Signing a partnership with Prismaflex means that Wysips can enter the market for large surface energy production. Covering all advertising displays with our technology will help to provide substantial amounts of renewable energy thanks to tens of thousands of square metres of advertising space. What’s more, the fact that an image can produce energy is a real technological break through. So, we’re embarking on this adventure with Prismaflex with the utmost enthusiasm and a shared taste for innovation.”

Ludovic Deblois – Wysips’s president

WYSIPS Wins 1st Place at CTIA

The WYSIPS team is excited to announce you that we won 1st Place in CTIA’s 2011 Emerging Technology – Green Telecom and SMART Energy competition.

Ludovic Deblois, President of WYSIPS received the award yesterday from CNBC Technology Correspondent John Fortt at CTIA 2011 in Orlando, Florida. A panel of industry leaders and journalists voted WYSIPS first place, ahead of entries from better known mobile communications industry leaders. In addition to the great exposure WYSIPS received from the press we conducted dozens of interviews and demonstrations. Numerous articles have been published, including Wired, Laptop Magazine, Engadget, and TheStreet.Com. WYSIPS would like to express our appreciation to our family friends and growing community of supporters.

Watch WYSIPS’ President Ludovic Deblois demo of their product at CTIA.