Wysips – what you see is photovoltaic surface

Investors to help us develop the technology.

In connection with the various applications of wysips technology, we are working with financial partners who invest with us to develop the projects, either on our premises or at dedicated facilities. By investing in wysips technology, you are choosing to implement a revolutionary solution based on a robust, generic, international patent. Growth prospects are so vast that our company has to rely on considerable financial means that will guarantee it brings the products to market rapidly.
Since its founding, public and private investors have supported the development of the Wysips company. During the upcoming stages in our company’s growth, we are looking for support from financial or strategic partners aiming at innovation.

Implementing a revolutionary solution based on a robust, generic international patent. “Because we’re driven by creativity, we need support to continue growing”

Interview with Ludovic Deblois, Wysips President “I founded Wysips to give the very best chances of success to a breakthrough technology with innumerable applications. Innovation is the company’s core business, made possible by our skills and impressive expertise in optics, electronics and photovoltaics. We are aiming at global presence of the WYSIPS brand by targeting the mobile telephony sector, which continues to expand in most regions of the world.

Investing in Wysips means:

• Sharing growth in a high-potential business
• Guaranteeing the development of breakthrough technologies
• Participating in a cutting-edge, innovative project
• Working with managers who place great value on team work

Because Wysips is driven by ambition and creativity, we need solid financial support to continue growing. We are welcoming new partners who wish to share in this exciting venture.”

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