Wysips – what you see is photovoltaic surface

The concept was developed from research on lenticular images, which show different pictures depending on the observerís position.

Based on a principal of optics, wysips technology builds solar panels into a surface without changing its appearance. Using wysips technology, any image, or any visible surface can become a photovoltaic source.
It is universal technology that is poised to put electrical power sources into places and objects we have only imagined until now: mobile phone and computer screen, clothes, books, cars, houses, etc.

ďInspired by the holographic process used on book covers, I had the idea of replacing one of the two images with thin photovoltaic strips, and it works.Ē An astrophysicist and inventor of wysips technology, JoŽl Gilbert has been in solar energy research and development since 2004.

With a passion for optical phenomena, JoŽl Gilbert has developed a high level of expertise that has enabled the company to file numerous patents. Building photovoltaic panels into our architectural environment or our roaming devices is a true challenge. Thanks to its group of research scientists, Wysips is determined to usher in breakthrough technologies, especially by combining lenses with the most innovative solar solutions.

Wysips seamlessly integrates into screens, glass, fabrics, sails, plastics, and makes them all into photovoltaic energy sources.