Wysips – what you see is photovoltaic surface

By building photovoltaic components into our homes, we can achieve significant power savings!

Putting our technology into window blinds is another of our flagship concepts. WYSIPS technology makes blinds energy self-sufficient and makes conversion work required to fit traditional products unnecessary. The motor drive system operates on the energy produced by the photovoltaic blind itself. Our solution thus offers solid advantages in terms of cost, both for installing the product and operating it, since it uses freely available energy.
The impact will be ever greater for large-sized buildings because the frontage will provide a significant quantity of electricity, which could be used for other applications as well.

“Total self-reliance, easy, cost-efficient installation and zero visual impact. Elegantly simple or more sophisticated product design.” A revolution for the textile market.

Flexible applications are numerous, especially for technical textiles (sports complexes, cultural or service buildings, etc.) that can produce their own electricity for lighting or operating electronic equipment. WYSIPS technology built into textiles can also be used to manufacture intelligent clothing producing energy to enable scientists, fire fighters, doctors, etc. to recharge vital equipment.

And a new creative arena for design…

These new features now available to interior and exterior designers open the door to unlimited applications. Whether they are used to create stand-alone lighting, or for additional features built right into the items themselves, our groundbreaking products are just waiting to be transformed by talented designers.

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