Wysips – what you see is photovoltaic surface

Imagine mobile phones and laptops without chargers!

Our team of researchers has achieved a film that’s accurate to within a pixel. Our technology can thus provide a high-definition solution applicable to all types of screens. Just like touch screen technology, wysips is designed to become an integral part of the screen. All tomorrow’s telephones will produce their own power.

“Two billion mobile phones featuring WYSIPS technology… that’s one gigawatt of power produced, or the equivalent of a nuclear power plant.”

The technology solution designed by Wysips

WYSIPS responds to our need for connectivity, mobility and autonomy. Thanks to WYSIPS, no more chargers and wall sockets: your phone charges automatically on a café terrace, walking down the road, or wherever and whenever you take it. A WYSIPS phone produces, stores and uses its own energy: you’ll never experience a flat battery again! This is true wireless communication! We are also developing applications for the specific needs of companies operating in very different sectors.

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