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Interested in our Technology?
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WYSIPS grants production and distribution licenses to manufacturers who want to build the technology into their product. WYSIPS supports manufacturers from prototyping to mass production to guarantee the success of the project and to ensure fast time-to-market.
This integration necessitates the right industrial process to embed our technology in materials like epoxy and fabrics. With our expertise in microelectronics and energy storage, we also offer electric component and performance optimisation solutions. Depending on the application, WYSIPS Technology requires integration work. This is why choosing to acquire a license demands a significant commitment from the manufacturer to place the technology at the core of its product strategy.

“We will consider all requests and we guarantee a practical, fast initial feasibility assessment.” An example of a process suggested by Wysips as part of a technology collaboration.

Phase 1

FEASIBILITY STUDY Engineering study for integrating our technology into your product Economic study Producing a demonstrator Assistance in drafting specifications

Phase 2

PROTOTYPING Finalising your product design Mass production study for your product

Phase 3

LICENSING Priority rights to the market Manufacturing and distribution license

People from the Wysips team will be present during all the phases of your project and guarantee attentiveness to needs, fast response and solutions to meet your specifications.

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